Get to know the Rio Muru REDD+ Project

The REDD+ Rio Muru Project, a partnership between WayCarbon and Angelim Participações S.A., covers 30,000 hectares of protected forest in the Brazilian state of Acre. Launched in August 2022, the initiative takes another step forward with the announcement of its public consultation phase, open toall stakeholders in the ecosystem such as: private companies, NGOs, researchers, investors, and any member of civil society willing to contribute with criticisms and suggestions. The stage open to public comment runs from March 25 to April 24 via the Verra website.

The REDD+ mechanism aims to prevent greenhouse gas emissions associated with deforestation and forest degradation, in this case through conservation. Thus, the REDD+ Rio Muru Project aims to work in three main areas: Climate, Community and Biodiversity. 

Climate and Biodiversity

The territory chosen is important for the region because the primary survey carried out shows that it is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, some of which are threatened with extinction. In terms of climate, the forecast is to prevent the deforestation of almost 10,000 hectares of forest over 40 years, reducing approximately 6,000 tons of carbon equivalent from the atmosphere. 


Within this sphere, the project envisages the implementation of activities that are linked to the main demands raised and social challenges diagnosed with the active participation of the local community. In this way, a systematized approach to social transformation was built, based on four main pillars: Health, Education, Infrastructure and Economy.  

The action plan was organized into three five-year periods. As part of it, 136 possible actions were mapped out within the project’s area of influence, which aim to have a positive impact on 150 families. 

Why is the Rio Muru REDD+ Project of a high level of Quality and Integrity? 

Some elements attest to the fact that the Rio Muru REDD+ Project has High Quality and Integrity: such as the partnership between Perfin (through Angelim) and WayCarbon, companies with strong governance and internationally recognized shareholders.

Another important point is security. Identified as one of the main risk factors in REDD+ projects in Brazil, the analysis of land ownership is fundamental to guaranteeing permanence and mitigating property disputes. For this reason, in order to guarantee the project’s land security, two specialized and renowned law firms were hired in Brazil.

Finally, a social action plan was established with the participation of the community, with the aim of breaking the economic cycle that causes deforestation and promoting improvements in the quality of life of the local population. 


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